Best Tips on How to Produce More Milk Naturally

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Are you struggling with low milk production and are desperate for some tips that actually work to naturally help you produce more milk?

Living with low milk supply can cause a lot of anxiety and worry wondering when and how you will produce enough breast milk to satiate your hungry little one.

These feelings can lead to a willingness to try just about anything that promises to work.

Before you start participating in some crazy milk rain dance, read this article first for some useful ideas on how to produce more milk naturally and effectively!

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A Quick Look at How to Produce More Milk

Here’s a quick glance at some great ideas you can try to effectively get your milk production up and running like a well-oiled machine again.

These tips have been researched and tested by myself, I have seen great results using these breast milk boosting methods and strategies.

Here’s a brief overview of what we’ll be touching on in more detail throughout this read:

  • Pumping Schedules
  • Essential Oil Milk Boosting Blend
  • Lactation Aids and Recipes
  • Breast Pumps
  • Manually Expressing Milk and Massage

Pumping Schedules that Produce More Milk 

Switching up your pumping routine can have a huge impact on your milk production.

This effect could be positive or negative and that depends on how informed you are about pumping in general.

Don’t worry if you are new to pumping and have no knowledge or experience yet, that’s why you’re here!

In fact, I can recommend a course to you that is designed to help new to pumping mamas master their pumping skills and their milk supply with ease.

Check out Milkology’s ” Pump it Up!” online mini course here if you’re interested to learn more.

If you’re still keen on sticking around here a little longer, let’s not delay any longer and go more into depth on pumping schedules for improving milk production.

Pumping Schedules and Tips 

Implementing a pumping schedule that will get you producing more breast milk isn’t too complicated, but it can be a little labor intensive.

However, it’s usually as simple as adding an additional pumping session back into your daily pumping routine. Here are the pumping tips I recommend for an increase in milk production to kick in.

1. Add an additional pumping session back into your routine.

Adding an additional pumping session into your routine will signal your body’s supply and demand switch.

Even if you hardly get any milk during this session, don’t give up or shorten your time on the pump.

This pumping schedule strategy is telling your body that the demand is currently higher than the supply and it will eventually compensate for that.

2. Make the extra pumping session during the middle of the night or very early in the morning.

The reason for this is because prolactin levels rise the most during the middle of the night. It is estimated that between 8pm and 7am is when you can expect increased prolactin activity.

3. Power pump for one hour per day until your supply catches back up.

If you aren’t familiar with the popular power pumping schedule, it was designed to mimic a baby’s cluster feeding habits during a growth spurt.

The key to power pumping is to designate at least a full hour long session at once, broken up into small segments.

  • On for twenty minutes, off for ten minutes
  • On for ten minutes, off for ten minutes x2

Those are my top three pumping strategy tips to for how to produce more milk with a pumping schedule.

Feel free to click the power pumping infographic below to save to Pinterest.

Power-Up breast pumping infographic to demonstrate power pumping for how to produce more milk.

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Essential Oils to Naturally Produce More Milk

Have you ever thought about using essentials oils to increase your milk supply?

Essential oils are loved by many people for many reasons and most of us have them already lying around the house. 

Here are the milk boosting essential oils you will need:

  1. Clary Sage
  2. Basil 
  3. Tea Tree 
  4. Fennel 

How to Use Essential Oils while Breastfeeding

Always take precautions when using essential oils around your baby.

They are natural, but still very powerful!

Be sure to not let your nipples come in contact with the oil.

It is also best to apply the oils at a time when your baby’s head will not be near your breasts directly after.

How to Apply Essential Oils to the Breasts

First, mix your oil blend with a carrier oil, like jojoba or coconut. Apply the oil blend to the sides of your breasts, away from your nipples.

Here is the recipe for this natural low milk supply remedy.

Roll-On Milk Boosting Oil Blend

Find the ingredients you need on Amazon.

✺ 10ml glass rollerball (get it here)

✺ 1 drop Clary Sage Essential Oil

✺ 1 drop Basil Essential Oil

✺ 1 drop Teas Tree Essential Oil

✺ 1 drop Fennel Essential Oil

✺ fill the rest with the carrier oil (jojoba)

Natural Milk Increasing Lactation Aids 

Lactation aids are everywhere and a lot of them really do make a difference!

There are many yummy lactation recipes to try, like these:

Foods that Help Increase Milk Supply

Foods that are known to naturally help with breast milk production are called galactagogues.

I go into further detail about lactation aids and galactagogues in this post all about lactation supplements and milk supply, read it next!

  1. Oatmeal
  2. Brewer’s Yeast
  3. Yams
  4. Dark Leafy Greens
  5. Garlic

You can also take a lactation supplement packed with powerful milk boosting ingredients.

Shop Milk Dust for potent lactation bars and powders!

Best Breast Pump for Improving Milk Supply

If you are noticing a big decline in your milk production, but nothing in your routine has changed, your breast pump may be to blame for the problem. 

There are good and bad breast pumps, just like any other product in the world. Not everything is made with the same quality or performance capabilities.

Also, sometimes our bodies need something different.

Even though a particular breast pump works great for someone else, that does not mean it will work the same for you.

It has taken me a lot of trial and error to find the right breast pump for me.

A lot of it also depends on where you are in your pumping journey as things change with time.

I am now the owner of five breast pumps, which I’d say makes me somewhat of an expert on this topic.

Before I recommend any breast pumps to you, please check with insurance to see if you qualify for a FREE breast pump and supplies!

I was able to get a $200 hospital grade breast pump and as many of the Kiinde Twist milk storage bags I wanted and all of the Kiinde attachment, completely for FREE through this link!

Baby Buddha Breast Pump 

After testing five different very popular (and not so cheap) breast pumps over the last ten months of exclusively pumping, I can confidently give you my top recommendation for the best breast pump to help increase your milk output substantially.

The breast pump I’m referring to is the BabyBuddha.

I am most impressed with this little pumps power and it’s capability to pull out the most milk of any other hospital grade electric pump I have tried.

The BabyBuddha is a little peanut compared to the other pumps and It’s miniature size is what makes it even that much more impressive!

This is especially true if you like to pump on the go and not be tied down to one spot all day. 

I have a special discount code available to you for the BabyBuddha you are welcome to use.

Pictured: BabyBuddha Breast Pump

BabyBuddha best breast pump for pumping on the go

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Hand Expressing Breast Milk

I understand this method is not always the easiest for every woman.

It took me a long time to master it as well!

However, practicing to hand express breast milk is a great tool to have once you have it down.

The reason I added this to the list of ways to naturally produce more milk, is because it is an effective and underutilized technique.

Hand expressing is a great way of fully empty yourself once the pump has stopped being able to pull the milk out.

Increasing your milk supply means there has to be a healthy supply and demand market. When your body senses vacant breasts, it then works hard to refill them and then some.

Pump more milk infographic with the market technique.

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How to Use Hand Expressing In Your Routine

Once you are done pumping because milk has stopped for flowing for a few minutes, use your hands to squeeze and pull more out of your milk ducts.

You will be amazed at how well this works!

Hand expressing even an extra half ounce to an ounce will be enough to signal to your body to make more milk! 

Hand expressing breast milk is just a great skill to have in general and is worth learning.

You will learn skills like this hand expressing and many more by seasoned lactation consultants, Cindy and Jana in their online video courses, Simply Breastfeeding.

If you are looking to gain more confidence in the hopes of making breastfeeding and your milk supply a successful venture, I highly recommend this easy to take course! 

P.S. Enroll in any course from a link on this website and get my exclusive pumping and milk supply course for FREE! Here are the details.

In Closing

We went over quite a bit of information in this read about how to produce more milk naturally and I hope you found it helpful!

Incase you want a reminder of the key points made in this read, here were the highlights:

  • Pumping schedules that will switch up the routine and promote milk production.
  • Essential oils used in a blend of natural milk promoting cohesion rolled onto the breasts.
  • Lactation foods and aids that will encourage a healthy and bountiful milk supply.
  • A better breast pump with the capability to pull out more breast milk.
  • Hand expressing milk out after pumping to vacate the breasts totally.

That will wrap up this post with all of my best tips and ideas to help naturally increase milk production!

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